CD mit 1o Songs – entstanden aus dem Internet-Projekt „CANDEETA“ mit dem Musical Duncan Newnham aus Irland.

Again and again:

1. Evrytime the same disgrace peak losing my face
again and again - you forgive me
afford me a new start
again and again - you stand by me
and you promise me your heart
again and again - 
You´ll be present if I need you ...

Ev´ry day:

I need a slice of truth, ev´ry day I I need a way to be used...
I can hear the sunshine, I can see the darkness, I can taste the rainbow cause you give me your love
I can smell the colors, I can feel the music ´cause your love makes me crazy again.

Get inspiration:

1. I see it in the sky - ev´ry morning
I feel it in my soul: Fascination (Faszination)
get up, stand up, hang up, take up, wake up, make up, grow up: Get Inspiration

Hey can you help me:

1. Deep in my soul there was loneliness ...

Hey, can you help me fly away
Hey, can you help me to find the way
Hey, can you hear my deep-drawn sigh
I want find a better way to grow up high!

If you knew:

If you knew what I knew and where I come from
If you knew what I see and what Im looking for
You would never start over judging me: I am what I am
If you knew what I think of something
If you knew what I want and what Im living for
You would finally understand me: I am what I am
Come on we have a look on ancestry (Herkunft)
Come on let´s decide for patience and justice (Langmut)
peace against war!

It´s easy:

It`s easy to be wise after, so be
wise as serpents and innocent as doves.
It`s easy to be wise after, Don´t be-
lieve the hype and make out the truth!

Loves armour:

    Geared up for final battle of love
Bridge: Fight with love! Don´t lose heart!
Don´t get tired cause the enemy won´t
    Geared up for final battle of love

Only love will be true:

Vanities are all things we think
meaningless are all the things we do
it is like chasing after the wind
only love will be true

Speak up!:

Speak up!  That I can hear you
Speak up!  Let me hear you quite and clearly and
Show me how to love you you will
 give me what I need and 
what I want and what I long for
can you give me guaranty that I will be yours.

Sunset light:

Sunset light - I´m looking on a beautiful and shiny sky. 
I´m feeling alright Sunset light - 
I´m wishing that you´d see standing nearly by side.

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